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Osaka 大阪


Rendezvous Location

Osaka Metro Namba Sta. Exit 31Google Map

Directions to Tokyo Hentai Club Osaka

Tokyo Railway Map
Tokyo Railway Map
Shibuya Station Hachiko Entrace
MM bldg
Welcome To Tokyo
Welcome To Tokyo
Welcome To Tokyo
Get to Namba station via Osaka Metro.
Head for exit 31.
Follow the directions shown.
Keep following the diretions till you get to exit 31.
Wall signage showing directions to exit 31.
Exit 31 is just past the "Lost and Found" signage.
Exit 31.
Additional signage on the wall detailing what's outside of exit 31.
Take the stairs outside.
Outside exit 31.
Rendezvous outside "Family Mart"

Access Map

CREDIX SURELINKS Netherlands B.V. Herikerbergweg 238, Luna Arena, 1101CM Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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