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Osaka 大阪

Eva's Blog


This world is chaos.

You must be worrying about the future.

I also!haha

But we can forget about bad things.


You know after we met....❤

I can give you good time.

If you are gentleman,

I give you more service time.

Maybe 30m ?1h?

Depends on you.....

I just want to enjoy time with you!

So just book meeeeeeee.

And If you want,I can meet you anytime!

Please ask!

🌞if you are good photographer,

Please take my good sexy picture!

I'd like to!

I wanna be your model!

This photo also by ♥.

Thank youuuuuu!

I really wanna go abroad!!!

But I can't.....for a while.

So Please show me your world!!!!hehe


Laugh makes us healthyyyyyy.


How are you ?

I really fine!

I always wearing mask and having alcohol gel.

It's my winter necessities.

I was nurse,so I know what should I do.

So I havenot have a cold so long!hehe

I really like to eat,sleep,and laugh!

It makes me keep my health.

So let's have fun time with me together!

I can make you laugh and happy!

If you feel lonely in Japan,

you should book meeeeeee.

I wanna talk with you and want to know about you everythings.

I have many hobbys and interests,

I have been to many places in Japan.

Im planning to go abroad this year.

So we can talk whatever you want!

Also we can do something good things tooooo.

If you want to meet me ,

please feel free to ask me my schedule.

My schedule is flexible,so I'd like to see you then!

Nara is my place!

Kyoto and Osaka also know something...

So you can ask me!

I hope we can meet soon!

Arashiyama !


I went to Kyoto with my friends last weekend.

Have you been to there?

Togetsu kyo bridge,bamboo forest,nomiya shrine.

Not crowded and quiet.

So I could relax and enjoy that time.

And I aet yuba udon,mattcha cake.

It was delicious!

I love to eaaaaat!

What do you like to eat in Japan?


Happy new year 2020!

Hello guys!

How did you spend your holiday???

I was meeting friends,visiting temple,shopping....

It was very good time.

And I went to travel with my family.

fugu! kani!niku!Onsen!

I love it !

I aet alot of delicious food in this holiday.

So I have more soft body (like a marshmallow)

I'd like to improve my body shape and have fun!

Dance,yoga,work out......

I also wanna try MMA or BJJ!hehe

(Not prowrestling though.....)

Could you teach me some good exercise?


Would you like to join me?


It's my first post!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for checking my profile and brog!

I went to Kyoto last week with my friend.

It's perfect timing to visit here.

Good view!

And I really like to wear kimono.

So I sometimes wear it and explore in Kyoto.

What do you like to do in Japan???

Meeting me....?hehe

Anyway I really like to meet new people and want to know about you!

Tell me about your country,hobby,job and so on!

I can tell you something about Japan.

We can talk and spend good time more!

Please don't be shy!

Lets spend good time with meeeeeeee.

And please raise me to be a great woman.

I am looking forward to meeting you.


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